Alankrita Lakshmi

May 17, 2021

2 min read

Why write original content?

The title of this piece pretty much sums up the main motive behind writing this article. The internet these days has turned into this massive content-producing machine, that churns out content by every minute, even as we breathe. Huge amounts of content are generated in the form of videos, podcasts, social media posts, blogs, articles, and whatnot. However, the question of the hour is, how much of this content is consumed?

The truth of the matter is that not even 10% of the content produced on the internet is consumed by the masses. About 1% of the content forms the cream. Why is this content consumed more than the other? The answer is simple. This content is original, engaging, relatable, and relevant.

When one writes content that is original and well-researched, it resonates with the target audience. It answers relevant questions, provides the right kind of information, and aims at keeping the audience informed. When more and more original content is churned out from your end, it builds a trust factor between you and your audience. They come back to you, trusting the information that you provide or because they enjoy it. Ultimately, it allows you to build a loyal audience that will also attract more traffic to your channel.

Here are some other reasons why you should write original content:

  1. Original Content is Fresh. It hasn’t been produced before and gives the audience a new perspective.
  2. It helps you grow your personal brand. Your identity and popularity are largely based on how genuine and original your thought process is.
  3. Well-written, unique content ranks well on the Google Search Engine Page Results. Search Engines crawl the web for the highest quality content that is relevant and up to date. Original content checks all boxes.
  4. Consumers these days look for authenticity and credibility before they believe in an idea. Originality sells more than marketing tactics ever can.
  5. Creating or writing genuine content also sends out a clear indication that you can accommodate the latest trends and adapt yourself to improve the quality of your content.

When we look at the ideas mentioned above, it is easy to understand how crucial uniqueness and adaptability are to stay strong in the content game. Authenticity makes you stand out, and establish a separate identity for yourself and your brand. Not to mention the fact that original content can be easily indexed, ranks well, and is received positively by the viewers.

Creating unique content can be a challenging and uphill task, but the results it fetches can be astonishingly positive and can help you ace the content game.