Why write original content?

  1. Original Content is Fresh. It hasn’t been produced before and gives the audience a new perspective.
  2. It helps you grow your personal brand. Your identity and popularity are largely based on how genuine and original your thought process is.
  3. Well-written, unique content ranks well on the Google Search Engine Page Results. Search Engines crawl the web for the highest quality content that is relevant and up to date. Original content checks all boxes.
  4. Consumers these days look for authenticity and credibility before they believe in an idea. Originality sells more than marketing tactics ever can.
  5. Creating or writing genuine content also sends out a clear indication that you can accommodate the latest trends and adapt yourself to improve the quality of your content.




Solopreneur, writer and digital marketer.

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Alankrita Lakshmi

Alankrita Lakshmi

Solopreneur, writer and digital marketer.

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