The 2021 Tech Revolution

  1. Internet of Behaviors: IoB is an amalgamation of three fields of science- data analytics, technology, and behavioral science. It is an extension of the already existing Internet of Things and aims to use technology to track customer behavior and derive insights from it.
  2. 5G Technology: Though the world still relies largely on 4G cellular networks, it won’t be long before the fifth generation of cellular networks comes into prevalence. It is estimated that by 2023–24, 5G connections will cross the 1 Billion mark.
  3. Cryptocurrency: Crypto trading has been a buzzword for the past couple of years, but it is in the past year that it has been recognized. Cryptocurrency is growing exponentially, especially in the Indian market.
  4. Renewables: With activists like Greta Thunberg reminding us about the perils of climate change, the focus has now shifted to the ongoing climate crisis. Several organizations are coming up with green workplaces, cleaner energy sources, and a more sustainable future.
  5. Augmented Reality: Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality does not require a person to mandatorily wear a headset. Instead, it projects images onto the real-time environment around us. An example of augmented reality is Snapchat Lenses.




Solopreneur, writer and digital marketer.

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Alankrita Lakshmi

Alankrita Lakshmi

Solopreneur, writer and digital marketer.

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